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I've been told that I paint with fabric, and I suppose that is true. With over 30 years' experience, I utilize my keen sense of color, precision sewing skills and a carefully crafted education from worldwide masters in fiber art when implementing my designs.

I work intuitively and become totally immersed in the process. Fabric selection takes center stage as I contemplate how to utilize my skills as a traditional quiltmaker to create a contemporary work. I pull from my stash of hand dyed, shiboried, discharged, screen-printed, painted and commercial fabrics. The quilting process, which is used to connect the three layers, is forefront in my mind when creating. I'm intrigued with how one can change the piece with the addition of stitch. It's the next layer of design and solidifies my love of working with fabric. 

I quilt because it is cathartic. I escape, if only for moments. 

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